Tatouage De Monsieur, translated as Mr. tattoo is designed to show the dichotomy of experiencing the ability to live as a being, as well as have the ability to proceed in life, even in death, through your remains. Tatouge De Monsieur, in its same state, also addresses the polarities between guilt and freedom, the guilt of living as an undesirable being, but the freedom in being yourself. People with an “overwhelming” amount of tattoos, especially the “grungy” ones are often viewed as unappealing, unattractive, and undesirable by society, corporations, sacred places, schools, etc. The purpose of this show is to show their beauty, showcasing the tattoo artist as a piece of art, as well as showing their tattoo work. Conveying that not only is he/she an artist, but he/she is also art.

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